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Below is a list of our favorite cooking and camping gear. There isn't much extra room when you are travelling in a van, so these items have to be useful enough to make the cut. See why we like them!

Stove, French Press, Table

Kitchen Essentials

Coleman Duel Fuel 2-Burner Camping Stove 424

  Why we like it:

- burns gasoline and white gas, both readily available where we are going

- Coleman stoves are made with quality and last forever

- 2 burners means a meal comes together faster

REI Table Top French Press 32 fl. oz.

  Why we like it:

- large capacity, and we like a lot of coffee

- insulated sides keeps coffee warm all morning

- large wide base with rubber keeps it from sliding or tipping

Sudden Comfort 4ft. Utility Fold-in-Half Table

  Why we like it:

- lightweight, folding, easy to set-up and put away

- adjustable legs; use at full height as a cook top or lower for coffee/game table while seated

- allows us to cook outside, still fits inside the van if we need to cook during stormy weather

- durable, wipe-able, plastic surface

Fridge, Water Pump

TeraPump Universal Manual Drinking Water Pump

Why we like it:

- fits perfectly on 5 gal. containers of drinking water, which can be purchased in most of Central & South America

- reusing the 5 gal. container means less plastic trash

- using a pump means we don't have to bend over to lift the heavy bottles every time we want a drink                

Whynter 45-Quart Portable Fridge/Freezer

  Why we like it:

- least expensive true compressor fridge on the market

- temperature is adjustable, can also be a freezer

- adjustable automatic shut-off feature, to protect the battery from being drained

- works on 12-volt and 110 DC

- large capacity, yet fits perfectly between the driver's & passenger seats in our van

4-Quart Pressure Cooker

  Why we like it:

- cooks food faster, especially at high elevations

- decreased cooking time means less fuel used

- great for curries, stews, soups and one-pot meals

* We linked a product from Amazon which is similar in capacity and simplicity. This is one item we know you can find on

the road.  We bought ours at a restaurant supply warehouse in Oaxaca, but they are widely available along the PanAm.

Container Store Clear Weathertight Storage Totes

  Why we like it:

- Weathertight seal keeps out dust, debris and bugs (keep dishes or clothes clean!)

- after searching dozens of other brands, we found the tote with perfect dimensions to slide under our bed

- 4 clasps, 2 on each side, closes more securely 

Rhino Rack Sunseeker Awning

Outdoor equipment


Rhino Rack Sunseeker Awning 2.5

  Why we like it:

- fast and easy to put up and take down

- very strong, yet light weight

- add-ons available

Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Sleeping Bag

  Why we like it:

- available in "long" sizes; perfect for us tall people!

- can mate left and right zipper bags to make a double

- integrates with Big Agnes Q-Core Deluxe Pad

Big Agnes Q-Core Deluxe Sleeping Pad

  Why we like it:

- available in "long" size

- integrates with Big Agnes sleeping bag sleeve

- insulated, warm, comfy

ENO Deluxe-Double Hammock

Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead 3 Tent

   Why we like it:

- lightweight design for backpacking

- big enough for 2 tall people to sit up or lay down comfortably inside

* this model no longer available                                        

ENO Double Deluxe Hammock

  Why we like it: 

- fits 2 people

- small and very packable

- rain fly and bug net available

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